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How to Skillfully Hang Your Art

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Latest News | No Comments

Hang pieces at eye level. Most galleries hang their art at average eye level, about 58 inches high. (There are exceptions to this rule…see the 2nd attached link below) The center of the artwork, not the top of the piece, should be at that height. This means you need to do some math: Measure the distance between the wire and the top of the frame, and measure the height of the art and divide it in half. Measure 58 inches on the wall, add the measurement of half the art’s height and subtract the distance between the wire and the top of the frame. Put the nail here.


Keep it simple. With mats and frames, the easiest thing to do is stick to the most versatile colors: white mats and black frames. Then have all your art framed the same way.

Go for salon style. Start with the largest piece of art. Center it in the middle or just off the middle, and then place the rest of the art around it in a way that pleases your eye. You can decide on a layout by laying the art on the floor until you find a solution that works or by cutting out the shape of each piece of art in brown craft paper and taping it to the wall to test out ideas.

For more ideas check out the following links:

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